Precise machining
Gun Drilling for long hole NC Internal Grinder for seat and bore
Gun drill for long hole NC External grinder
Horning for nozzle hole Machining Center
Electro chemical deburring machining NC Internal Grinder

List of Equipment

Items Type Capability Manufacturer No. of Units
NC Lathe              SL-3 φ210×160mm Mori Seiki 1
SL-15M φ160×525mm Mori Seiki 1
SL-20 φ210×520mm Mori Seiki 1
SL-25 φ260×1030mm Mori Seiki 1
CL-1500T φ420×570mm Mori Seiki 2
CL-25 φ450×450mm Mori Seiki 1
ZT-1500 φ190×120mm Mori Seiki 1
NL-2500 φ356×705mm Mori Seiki 1
CL-2000BT φ430×563mm Mori Seiki 1
SL-1000 φ190×180mm Mori Seiki 1
CL-253A φ460×480mm Mori Seiki 1
DT-2050 φ360×530mm Mori Seiki 1
LS540 φ350×800mm Okuma 1
TAC650 φ650×1000mm Takizawa 1
Lathe  LS540 φ350×800mm Okuma 2
MS850 φ435×850mm Mori Seiki 1
Milling machine 2UMA 350mm×600mm Niigata 1
Vertical drilling machine YD5-94   Mori Seiki 1
Gun drilling machine   MEG-600 φ2~φ24×600mm Miroku 1
MEG-800 φ2~φ30×800mm Miroku 1
ATG-600NC-SP φ4~φ25×600mm AIOH-TEC 1
Machining center        MV-40B 800×410×510mm Mori Seiki 1
MV-40 600×410×510mm Mori Seiki 1
M-25DH 350×250×150mm Mori Seiki 1
MV-55 1050×550×560mm Mori Seiki 1
NV-5000 800×510×510mm Mori Seiki 3
NV-4000 600×400×400mm Mori Seiki 1
D.V.5060 600×530×500mm Mori Seiki 1
TC-22B 500×450×410mm Brother 1
External grinder      GU30/60E φ300×600mm Shigiya 1
GU30/60A φ300×600mm Shigiya 1
GP/60H φ300×600mm Shigiya 1
GP30/40B φ300×400mm Shigiya 1
GU25 φ80×250mm Tsugami 1
CGK-750H φ300×750mm Kondo 1
NC External grinder    RC32-H50P φ300×600mm MHI 1
A32 φ300×600mm MHI 1
G18AB φ50×150mm Tsugami 1
GAE-30B-50 φ300×500mm Shigiya 1
NC Internal grinder    Gl-20N-2WS   Okuma 3
Gl-5N   Okuma 1
T-123B φ450x600mm Toyo Advanced Technologies 1
Gl-20N-4WS   Okuma 1
Centerless grinder OC-18A φ1~φ40 Omiya 1
Surface grinder PSG63D 300×600mm Okamoto 1
Rotary surface grinder SS-500 φ480×180mm Sansei 1
Vertical honing machine  SL5-005   Toyo 1
E25-MM2 φ4~φ10 Nissin Manufacturing 1
Automatic honing machine VA-8S φ40~φ100×800mm Chishima 1
Surface lapping machine MLS-600-3   Miroku 1
Wire-electrical discharge machine  α-1A 450×300mm Fanuc 1
AQ327L 370×270mm Sodick 1
Electro chemical deburring machining ECMB-OHF   ACRITECH 1